Housing & Real Estate

Resources and information on topics such as homeownership, landlord/tenant rights, and subsidized housing.

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Veteran's Guide to Home Loans

This guide explains how home loans work generally, and how the VA Home Loan Program works.

COVID-19 & Rights of Renters: CDC Eviction Ban FAQ

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page will answer the most common questions about CDC's eviction ban related to the pandemic.

Enactment of the Servicemembers and Veterans Initiative Act of 2020

The Servicemembers and Veterans Initiative Act of 2020 was enacted on January 5, 2021. Read how this Act helps Veterans, Servicemembers, and their families protect their rights.
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"Service Animals" and "Assistance Animals:" What Are My Rights?

Learn about the federal laws that support people in need of a service animal.

Overview of Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

A brief overview of SCRA legal protections for activated servicemembers, with links to more details.
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Foreclosure Overview

You may qualify for free legal help with foreclosure.

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The Homeless Veteran's Resource Guide

Many organizations provide support to homeless veterans.  These services include housing, food programs, educational opportunities, counselling and legal help. Open the attached document to find a comprehensive listing of resources and links. 

Frequently Asked Questions about VA home loans during COVID-19

If you're having trouble making payments or are facing foreclosure on a VA home loan, this resource is for you. Some programs discussed stop accepting people on June 30, 2021, so you must act quickly.
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Waiver of SCRA

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) provides several protection for active duty military members, including the potential to delay a lawsuit. However, a servicemember might want a case (such as a divorce) to move forward quickly and so they would like to waive that protection. It's possible to do that and you can read here for more information.

TDIU and Taxes


Hello, I'm a Navy veteran who lives in New Jersey with a 70% service connected disability. According to my VA letter that states my benefit information it says that I 1) have a disability evaluation of 70%, 2) I am being paid at the 100% rate because of being unemployable due to me service connected disability and 3) that I am also considered to be totally and permanently disabled due to me service connected disability. I also have no further evaluations in the future. I was told that I should qualify for a 100% property tax exemption.

When I filed my paper work and sent it to the tax assessor it was denied. The tax assessors returned a form stating it was denied because my application failed to satisfy the requirements because of, "Certification of 100% P&T from the US VA and because my VA letter benefit stated I was 70% according to my combined service connected evaluation. According to my ratings decision letter from the VA I am pretty much entitled to the same benefits as someone having a 100% evaluation. Including be eligibility to Chapter 35 from my children. So my question is... am I not entitled to a property tax exemption in NJ or am I entitled and there an error on the tax assessors past in denying my application? Thank you!


Jim's Reply:

This is a very common occurrence. The trick to getting past this is to print your own letter in eBenefits. If you don't have an eBenefits account you'll need to take the time to establish one and then give it time to update your data.

Once you've done that you can explore and find the section that allows you to print your own benefits letter. When you do you simply leave out the 70% part and keep the 100%...easily done since the letter was designed for this. Once you get into your account you'll get the idea of how to do this. 

VA Letters: Download and modify VA letters, including Civil Service Preferences, Commissary and Exchange Privileges, Service Benefit Verification, and Proof of Service Card.

It works, I've used this myself and each state has accepted the letter, no problems. Good luck!