Discharge Upgrades & Military Record Changes

Information on discharge upgrades, military record changes, and VA Character of Discharge Determination.  


How Advocates Can Volunteer with The Veterans Consortium's Pro Bono Program

Information about The Veterans Consortium's Pro Bono Program, how to volunteer, and who to contact.
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Step-by-Step Guide: How To Apply for a Discharge Upgrade

Discharge Upgrade Basics

Did you know there is a way to change your military discharge status? If you received a discharge that was not Honorable, a discharge upgrade can help you access important VA benefits, services, and care. Or you may feel that your discharge was not fair and you want to correct it.
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Discharge Conditions

This article explains the different types of Character of Discharge and what they can mean to you.
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DD Form 214, Discharge Papers and Separation Documents

Read about what a DD 214 is and when you might need it.
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Discharge Conditions: How to Request Review

The reason for your discharge and the “character” of that discharge are very important in deciding if you (and/or your dependents) are eligible for military and veteran benefits as a result of military service. Learn how to request a review.
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Get free appeal help to the CAVC from the Veterans Consortium

Help with Discharge Upgrades and VA benefit denials from the BVA (a high-level appeal).
Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program

Free Help Filing for a Discharge Upgrade or Appealing Vet Benefits Denial

You can find out if you're eligible for free legal help from the Veterans Consortium.

Ships Logs?


Why is the ship's deck log not available during parts of our WESTPAC Cruise in 1963? I want to know specifically where my ship (USS Los Angeles CA-135) was. I would love to see the ship-deck logs for the entirety of summer '61 through the return to San Diego following that deployment. How can I get that information? I tried looking it up at sites online that have links to ship's deck-logs, but both of those periods of time were ostensibly missing. Can you help me in any way to locate that information? 


Jim's Reply:

The best I can tell you is that deck logs are here: https://www.archives.gov/research/military/logbooks/navy-online. Unfortunately, the National Archives are closed due to the pandemic so your search will be delayed even further. 


Discharge Upgrade


I applied for a discharge upgrade and left out a piece of supporting documentation what can be done?


Jim's Reply:

You should ask that question of whoever is helping you with your discharge upgrade. You can get some help here https://www.vetsprobono.org/ 


DD Form 293 - Application for Review of Discharge from the Armed Forces

Department of Defense Form 293 is used to request an upgrade of a military discharge from the appropriate discharge review board. You can access a fillable PDF version of the form here.