Discharge Upgrades & Military Record Changes

Information on discharge upgrades, military record changes, and VA Character of Discharge Determination.  

A picture of a DD Form 214 form on a wooden table.

DD Form 214, Discharge Papers and Separation Documents

Read what a DD 214 is and when you might need it.
A picture of a DD Form 214 form on a wooden table.

Military Character of Discharge

This article explains the different types of Character of Discharge and what they can mean to you.
A picture of a DD Form 214 form on a wooden table.

Discharge Conditions: How to Request Review

The “character” and reason for your discharge are very important in deciding if you (and/or your dependents) are eligible for military and veteran benefits. Learn how to request a review.

The Stateside Legal Advocate Tool Kit

Below are several toolkits and resources that will help you assist a veteran in need. They include links to specific laws, regulations, and veteran resources. Please contact us if you know of a helpful tool that is not included here. 



How Advocates Can Volunteer with The Veterans Consortium's Pro Bono Program

Information about The Veterans Consortium's Pro Bono Program, how to volunteer, and who to contact.
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Step-by-Step Guide: How To Apply for a Discharge Upgrade

Discharge Upgrade Basics

Did you know there is a way to change your military discharge status? If you received a discharge that was not Honorable, a discharge upgrade can help you access important VA benefits, services, and care. Or you may feel that your discharge was not fair and you want to correct it.
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Free Help with Your Discharge Upgrade or Appealing Your Denied Claim to the CAVC for Qualifying Veterans

The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program provides veterans with free legal help. Watch this video about their services and find out if you're eligible for free legal assistance.

DOD Memoranda Guiding Discharge Review Boards on PTSD, TBI, and MST

This article provides information to veterans with less-than-honorable discharges who want to upgrade their discharge based on in-service mental health conditions or experiences.

DD 214


Hi Jim, I served in the Army National Guard and I retrained in another MOS serving on active duty for 8 weeks as I retrained and upon completion of my active duty for training, I never received a DD-214. How come I was never issued a DD-214? I thought anytime you serve on active duty you were supposed to receive a DD-214.


Jim's Reply:

In most circumstances you'll need 90 days of uninterrupted active duty service to receive a DD-214. It sounds as if you didn't reach that mark. If there was even a day of inactive duty between active assignments, the clock rests for that 90 day period.


Discharge Upgrade?


If an Airman failed tech school and received an uncharacterized discharge because they separated under 180 days, can they apply to have the discharge upgraded to an honorable one and if so how can one go about doing it?


Jim's Reply:

You'll need to get in touch with these folks The Veterans Consortium.  If you'll go ahead and click that link you'll find all the intel you'll need to get in touch with them. Their experts will evaluate what you've got and help you as you go along. Good luck!