Lab Tests?


Hello, here is my question. Since 2011, I have undergone multiple C and P exams regarding the presence of Prostate Cancer, for which I am service-connected and have never been treated. So I have used Watchful Waiting and Active Surveillance in addressing this possible condition. Included in the past testing has only been one lab exam---the PSA. I have not had a PSA since the autumn of 2020. In this instance, I have been asked to go to a non US DVA facility in May of 2021 to undergo the typical Prostate Cancer test, and the following lab tests: PSA, a Urinalysis Analysis, a Complete Blood Count, and a Venipuncture. Is it legal to require all of these additional lab tests? Thank you for your answer.


Jim's Reply:


Yes, of course that's 'legal' and it's good diagnostics for you. A venipuncture is just a blood draw...don't make it sound more dramatic than it is. If you're a Vietnam vet you're my age and you've had blood drawn more than a few times. Deal with it.

You've chosen watchful waiting and I believe that's a great is my own. I'm not service connected if I do have PC so a rating isn't in question, I just think watchful waiting is often the appropriate choice to make. Prostate cancer 'cures' are usually worse than the disease.

So you've been asked to give a little urine and a little blood. That's to be sure that all other parameters in your blood work are within normal limits. If your PSA has skyrocketed and other significant changes are occurring, you need to know and this is a great time for that. This is a part of a good watchful waiting protocol...we don't just ignore the cancer, we monitor it.

If you are giving up bodily fluids for lab tests, you'll probably be drug screened. VA is doing that at every opportunity these days and it's nothing to worry about. Again, drug screening is good health care and nobody loses benefits for popping positive. You may get a referral to a drug rehab program but nothing else. If you're smoking some weed, it's likely that nobody will even notice.

If you have cancer, your benefits will not be interrupted and if there are any indicators the cancer may be more aggressive, you'll know. Someone is doing you a favor. All in all, a good deal. Good luck sir.