The Judge Retired


What happens when Judge retires middle case? Back from 2nd remand and I found out my judge has retired. Now what do I do? Will they just use transcript of the hearing or all info in C-file? Thanks!  I'm a long time reader and appreciate all the help you have given me on my 10-year claim.


Jim's Reply:

Thank you for your kind words.

Every professional and complex function will have a contingency plan for retirement, illnesses, sudden deaths and so on. Whether in the legal arena, health care or auto repair, if one person steps aside someone else fills in and there will be a process to follow to get it dome right.

Your appeal will be passed on to another person who will continue the process. This isn't at all unusual so you won't lose any ground here.

Exactly how the earlier data will be used is up to whoever is assigned your case. Good luck sir.