Janesville Central Receiving


My claim is at the BVA in the cue. In their letter, the BVA explains to send any additional evidence, documentation, etc to their PO Box in DC within 90 days which was accomplished... Nevertheless, upon tracking the package; the USPS noted that the package was never delivered to the BVA's PO Box. Instead, the package was redirected/rerouted to the VA's intake center at Janesville, WI. I requested the USPS to investigate this unusual situation. According to the USPS, all packages to the BVA are being redirected/rerouted to Janesville but is clueless to why. Of course, the BVA is stating that they too do not have a clue of mail being redirected. Very frustrating and disappointing feeling helpless. Have you or anyone else within this community heard anything about BVA redirecting mail, evidence, etc to Janesville. It would be very disappointing for the BVA to deny a veteran's claim for lack of evidence, etc. because the required evidence was redirected. Thank you!


Jim's Reply:

Some years back it became apparent that maintaining some 75 + mailing addresses for receiving evidence and other mail just wasn't working. VA decided to centralize mailing to 2 locations where all documents could be converted to electronic files that are then uploaded into your electronic file.

The Postal Service won't know why mail is redirected when you ask, their job is to redirect it once VA has made that decision. And as before, VA made that decision and that's why your mail was correctly redirected. 

I find it a bit hard to believe that anyone at BVA would tell you that, "they too do not have a clue of mail being redirected" since this has been a standard practice for years. If you spoke with a clerical person I guess they could be clueless about those details but otherwise this isn't a secret. Rerouting it all to Janesville is a huge project that's ongoing for a long time and not yet complete.

VA started the scanning and uploading of documents to a single centralized electronic file a decade ago as a part of the project to upgrade the Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS). When the decision was made to centralize all that scanning of incoming paper documents, Janesville, WI was chosen because it is uniquely positioned as a city that already manages huge volumes of insurance paperwork and the VA operation fit right in. There was another location in Georgia for a while but it was closed in favor of all documents heading to Janesville first.

If your documents were delivered to an address for which you have a receipt to confirm delivery, you're good to go. Good luck!