IHD Rating


I am getting 30% disability for ischemic heart disease due to Agent Orange. Just found out that I will have triple bypass surgery in 8 to 10 days. Rep. said I would get 100% for 3 months and then I would be reevaluated. Is there any history on what percent a vet gets after triple bypass surgery? Thanks in advance.


Jim's Reply:

After you have surgery for your service-connected Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) you'll be awarded a 100% rating for a period of time as you recuperate. The recuperative time is roughly 3-6 months or so and will depend a lot on how well you're recovering and when they can schedule you for a post-op C & P exam. 

Your IHD rating is determined by how well your heart is functioning, not by how many or what kind of procedures and surgeries you may endure. Your heart function is usually determined by METS or Metabolic Equivalents and if your heart is functioning much the same after surgery as it was before, your 30% rating won't change.

Many vets are surprised to learn that even if they undergo a couple of heart caths, then angioplasty and stenting 2 or 3 times and eventually heart bypass surgery, they can end up with a 30% rating because after all that, their heart works pretty well.

So...I wish you a very successful intervention and all the best for your heart! As odd as this sounds, a 0% rating would be the best outcome of all.

Good luck sir.