Hi. I’m a Vietnam vet with boots on ground. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism several years ago. The medication keeps my TSH in the low normal. Should I submit a VA disability claim and what percent rating would that be? Thank you.


Jim's Reply:

While there is evidence that hypothyroidism may be linked to agent orange, there isn't any presumptive link that would allow you to simply file a claim. However, if you are boots on the ground and you have a rating for diabetes, the two conditions may be linked and if so can cause you a fair amount of trouble.

If you are rated for diabetes or even if you aren't and wish to establish a service connection, you'll need an Independent Medical Opinion from an expert physician who will review your records for any links to your service.

Please click https://www.vawatchdog.org/imo-ime-medical-opinions-exams.html to meet the doctors I refer to. Good luck!