How to get to 100% rating


Jim, I am an AO disabled vet currently at 80%: 50% sleep apnea, 30% heart disease (although just had a triple bypass 6 weeks ago), 20% type 2 diabetes, and 10% tinnitus. I should soon be adding, as secondary to diabetes, disability for osteoporosis/osteopenia, though I have no clue what it will be rated at? My question...outside of applying for TDIU, is there any way for me to request/get rated at 100% total/permanent disability?  Thank you for the valuable service you provide for our nation's veterans!!

Jim's Reply:

As a rule, when we are eligible for the 100% TDIU benefit, that's the quickest route to a 100% P & T disability rating. It appears you're eligible and I'd encourage you to apply for it.