Health Insurance?


Hello my question is my VA healthcare provider told me that I must not use any other medical and dental insurance other then then the VA. This was told to me in 2013 until present day and I have not used any other insurance since then. I have asked them why I can't use other insurance and they reply that I need to use the VA.

I have asked a couple of other veterans an they have never heard of this. I saw that you are a extremely knowledge with the VA policy's and am hoping you might give me some direction on this subject. I could have got a lot more dental work done and more medical issues taken care of if I could have used other insurance. It's gotten to the point that my health is now in bad shape because of I can't get anything done with the VA am having to repeat the process so many times. Any information on this is greatly appreciated an thank you for taking the time to read questions.


Jim's Reply:

I'm with all the other veterans you've asked, I've never heard of anything like this. To be honest, I'm not at all sure you understand what someone told you whenever that was. If a provider told you that there was no reason to seek care elsewhere, that's a lot different than telling you that you aren't allowed to get health care other places.

The first concern that comes to my mind is how you'll pay for health and dental care outside VA? Do you have civilian insurance or a pile of cash to spend? Civilian care costs a lot of money and if you don't have insurance the VA may not help you pay for civilian care.

You can get your care anywhere you'd like to but you'll have to foot any bills that arise. Good luck.