Fraud Recovery Lawsuit


Bizarre situation...I'm a Senior Citizen USAF Veteran ('77-'81). I live in WA state, but need to file a lawsuit in NY state for Fraud Recovery. Any suggestions?

Jim's Reply:

When we take on legal actions in other states, things can get complex PDQ. I almost always advise that you begin at home and find a local lawyer to talk with for 15 minutes and learn what your options are from the very beginning. Most lawyers will give you a bit of free time to evaluate what you've got and then if necessary, you can enter an agreement with that attorney or move on to find representation elsewhere. Starting local should save you some footwork even if it costs a few dollars.

  • PS from StatesideLegal:  Use our 'Find Legal Help' directory to locate the LRS provider close to you in WA and ask them for a low-cost consultation with a lawyer who handles fraud recovery.  That person may be able to advise you or help on how to proceed on the case in NY.