End Of Life benefits?


I am a Vietnam era vet. Was never in country or waters. Will my spouse be eligible for surviving spouse benefits upon my death? I've been fighting cancer for 4 years and the clock ticking.


Jim's Reply:

I'm sorry to hear that diagnosis but pleased that you're thinking about your end of life benefits and making plans. You'd be amazed how many surviving spouses I hear from who knew that he was a veteran but had no clue of what he'd done, his benefits or anything else. 

I'm like you, I like to make plans...my wife knows exactly what to do when she finds me floating around in the tank, we've got the DIC paperwork ready to go. 

I'll refer you to 2 sites from VA that will help, below. But while you're at it, if you plan to be interred at a National Cemetery, talk with the crew that runs the place. I've found that VA National Cemetery directors are as informed and connected as anyone else in VA and they're often able to help make the whole process easier.

Have a look:



Good luck sir.