Employment Opportunities?


Hello, I’m currently under a TDRL from the USAF with a 20% for injury on left foot and 50% on mental health. But in VA with additional claims I’m 100% permanent. I was a firefighter in the military and a firefighter in the federal government, but they have me on a temporary duty while my follow-up mental health appointment happens, would this be disqualifying for me to continue to be a firefighter in the federal side?


Jim's Reply:

Great question but I don't know the answer. The process you'll go through for civilian employment will evaluate your rated conditions much differently than the DoD and the VA will. 

Many of the conditions that will class us as unable to complete the requirements of our active duty MOS won't seem as disabling in the civilian sector. I know plenty of veterans who are rated 100% disabled and they work in law enforcement, emergency services and so on.

Each potential employer will have unique policies about disabled veterans and until you begin the application process you won't really know how they'll react to your ratings.

If one employer isn't hiring, don't give up...the next will appreciate your skills. Good luck.