Drug Screening


If I'm found to have amphetamines in my system, can the VA. take away my monthly disability check? 


Jim's Reply:

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) tests everyone who walks in the door for abused substances. Most vets call this 'random' screening but the fact is there's nothing random about it...everyone gets tested. Although they're supposed to tell you (Informed Consent) that never happens and if they were to tell you and you declined...then what?

I happen to agree with the VHA approach. VHA treats substance use and abuse as a health care issue, not a legal problem. Nobody calls the cops, there's no punishment...it's all about treatment. Let's be honest...amphetamines aren't good for you. Neither are things like opiates or cocaine or any of the many other things we come up with to alter our reality.

No...VA will not modify your disability benefits because you pop positive on a drug screen. For anything other than weed, you'll likely be referred to a rehab program and you should consider that option. If you're burning some rope, your provider may not even mention it...marijuana is pretty common these days.

What may also happen is that your providers won't prescribe pain meds to you in the future. Once you've tested positive for any illegal drug (even marijuana in a legal state...it's still illegal federally) the option seems to be that you won't get any pain drugs at your VHA.

Please do give some thought to seeking some treatment if you have a problem with speed. Amphetamines are the original 'burning the candle at both ends' drug and although you feel like Iron Man now, the havoc they wreak on your body won't be fun 10 years from now. They don't make you any smarter either. Good luck!