Divorce and Tricare Insurance


My daughter has been married for 13 years and has one child with her husband who is 80% disabled army veteran. If she divorces him for infidelity, does she and their daughter lose their Tri-Care medical insurance? To complicate matters my daughter has a brain stem glioma which was diagnosed in 2013. She received proton beam radiation treatment and has been stable since treated. She needs MRIs every 4 months as followup. I'm not sure if she would qualify for any medical insurance due to her diagnosis if she loses the Tri-Care insurance.

Jim's Reply:

Divorce is mostly seen as no-fault these days so slinging shade about infidelity isn't helping anything. The divorce court will determine what she is eligible to receive and then it will be up to the other party to figure out how to deliver whatever the court orders. These can be very complex issues, best answered in front of the judge.