Disability Claims - Overview of VA Compensation for Veterans

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Disability Claims - Overview of VA Compensation for Veterans

Read this article for a brief overview of VA Disability Compensation.

What is disability compensation?

Veterans who become disabled due to an injury or disease that began (or worsened) during active military service can claim monetary benefits. The VA calls this "disability compensation." For many folks, that is what they mean by "VA benefits."

Of course, there are other VA benefits that are also  important, including the disability pension benefit available only to low-income veteran households. We will be adding information about how to apply for those benefits in the coming weeks.

To qualify for disability compensation, you must have separated from the military under conditions that were other than dishonorable. If you have questions about your discharge status, click here.

The amount of the monthly benefit depends upon the level of disability caused by the injury or disease.

Read this fact sheet for information about these questions and more issues related to Veterans Benefits.

Fact Sheet: Veterans Benefits (Overview)


If you believe you may be eligible, the VA has created two ways to file a claim:

  • The new 'fast track' method is described here
  • The traditional claims process is described here



Resource Date: July 2010