Can a C & P doctor diagnose you with Ischemic heart disease?


Jim's Reply:

Well, sure. The C & P doctor is usually a health care professional and to be honest, diagnosing heart disease isn't all that hard in many cases. Your EKG can show subtle changes that indicate a past heart attack and similar problems that lead to a diagnosis of IHD. The seemingly quick and easy EKG is a powerful diagnostic tool.

The question becomes will a C & P doctor make such a diagnosis and that's not a sure thing. The C & P examiner isn't going to make any extemporaneous diagnoses but will only answer the questions instructed by the rater who set up the exam. They're pretty rigid about these rules. If the exam is scheduled for your right arm and your left arm is on fire during the exam, the examiner will ignore that and focus on the right arm.

It's more likely the C & P examiner will confirm the diagnosis of IHD made by others during your care as it's reflected in your records. Good luck!