Current-Future ratings


Jim, thank you for your service. When I retired from Civil Service I was not disabled, my job was being eliminated. At the same time my VA disability rating was 60%. Since then, my VA disabilities have increased to 90% and in actuality the various disabilities numerically totaled 150. Regardless, I'm now sitting at VA 90%. I continue to work part time teaching. This year my disabilities have again worsened and those disabilities could be rated at more then 30%. Should I again file for an increase in disabilities which would bring my VA total to 100% with a numerical total of 180? How would my CSRS retirement be effected if I do this? I really would like my VA records to note these increases in disabilities over the years because they would depict the effects of Agent Orange on my health and physical conditions as I aged.


Jim's Reply:

The first problem I see is that although you believe you could/should be rated at 100% if you file for it, I have doubts. The distance between 90% and 100% is the greatest reach of all. In other words, don't rely on that.

Your VA records would by default note increases in ratings. I can't speak to your CSRS as each individual's status is unique and dependent on your ratings and only DFAS will have those answers. Good luck.