Criminal Law?


I'm an Air Force Veteran looking for a lawyer to help with a criminal case. I do not trust the public defender's office to represent me or any lawyer associated with the County. Can you refer any Veteran friendly lawyers who will listen and assist in my case?


Jim's Reply:

I get this request from time to time and the best I can tell you is that you should look local and ask for a referral from someone who has used a local criminal defense lawyer. All criminal defense lawyers are 'veteran friendly' although that doesn't mean you'll get a break on the fee. 

In broad terms that you're a veteran won't make any difference in a criminal case...depending on the severity of what you're up against. If you are where a veterans court may accept you into their program, that's likely your best option. Otherwise, do your research on your home turf and hire the right lawyer for your needs. Good luck.