Child support obligations of Veterans


I just got out of a seminar with an organization called " Protect Veterans Rights." You need to read updated brief that makes Title 38 USC 5301 or Rose vs Rose null and void. Title 38 USC 511.. Read it and than post your comments.


Jim's Reply:

The 5301 myth has been around as long as tales of Sasquatch sightings in that Loch Ness neighborhood where the sidewalk ends and Nessie resides happily. All have fanatical followers who swear of their sightings and experiences that will change the world but that never seems to quite come to fruition.

You're just another in a long line of angry guys who have shown disdain for their children by trying to use an obtuse statute by misinterpreting it so to avoid child support. 

I tried to read the manifesto you speak of but a deep Google search turned up zip for your "Protect Veterans Rights" group, there's simply nothing there. You need to learn how to hyperlink to things you want others to view. Otherwise, you got nothing...there is no "updated brief."

Here's the deal: Unhappy ex-husbands (mostly) who are also disabled veterans have been whining about how 5301 magically protects their benefits from supporting the children they sired. These 5301 zealots have spread misinformation for at least a decade that I've been involved. Their goal is to punish the ex and reduce paying child support...a truly noble effort if ever there was one. I've watched as they sit in jail for contempt of court and I've talked with the ex-spouses who are trying to get's all sad.

Whatever you think you've learned won't release you from your child support obligation. No way, no how. Accept and live with'll be a better man for taking care of your kids.

I speak from experience. I paid child support and lived in near poverty for over 15 years. I paid it without the constant whining I hear day to day (from you and many others) because it was the right thing to do. I did without so the child could have what he deserved. That doesn't make me a hero, this is what parents do...they make sacrifices for their progeny.

You can continue to cry to strangers on the Internet or you can deal with it. I paid my child support debt a long time ago and it's my opinion that you should too.

For what it's worth, as of my typing this, 38 U.S. Code § 5301.Nonassignability and exempt status of benefits and Rose v. Rose are intact, hardly "null and void".