Child Support Obligations


I have a 15 yr old son and his father served in the military. I tried to get child support set up for my son but to no avail, nothing was done about it. After learning from my son's father that he was in the military as a mechanic, I’m trying to seek assistance on finding his Commander officer since he’s not paying child support OR even setting up benefits for my son to be received since he served.

Jim's Reply:

Child support obligations as well as any alimony issues are a product of the family court that has jurisdiction of your divorce. None of the people you mention will be able to help you establish a child support order. Unless and until you have orders from a family court, nobody will be able to fully assist you.

  • PS from StatesideLegal:  Even if you were not married to your son's father, parental rights and responsibilities can be established by court order. State laws vary so you should begin by requesting a low-cost consultation with a local lawyer experienced with military service and child support issues.  Use the "Find Legal Help" directory to look for an LRS provider near you and ask for a lawyer with that experience to provide the consult.