Chapter 35


I am using the Chapter 35 benefits from my husband who is 100 percent PT. I am in school for 12 more months and graduate in the summer of 2023. As of 8.12.22 I will have 6 months of benefit left of my 45 months. Is there a way to get an extension for 2-3 months?


Jim's Reply:

Hmm. I'm not aware of any extensions today. However, the most aware people on the planet are the folks who run the Office of Military Affairs at your school.

I almost always refer veterans and dependents straight to the university office that manages military and veterans benefits since they have to pay very close attention. That's what they're paid to do and most do it well.

I'd like for you to explore all this with the Office of Military Affairs and ask them if there are any special circumstances related to the pandemic that may give you the extra months you need. I think we're all aware that a lot of schools have struggled the last couple of years and you never know what may be available for you. Good luck!