Does CHAMPVA cover lab work for a green card to make sure she had certain shots? She is from the Philippines and had no records for vaccinations. Can I get the company that did the blood work to accept less if CHAMPVA would not pay any towards the cost also?


Jim's Reply:

I can't say that CHAMPVA will or will not cover this sort of lab work. For that matter, if she has no records of any vaccinations I'm not at all sure that "blood work" will be a satisfactory substitute for vaccination records. She may have to take a new set of shots to prove her status.

I've read the vaccination requirements (new to me) and it appears that she will have to meet with a "civil surgeon"   who will then determine what vaccinations are needed, if any. The civil surgeon will use this guide to determine just what is necessary  

When you use the search function to find a civil surgeon near you, check with that office first and make sure they accept CHAMPVA and you should be good to go. If this doctor doesn't accept CHAMPVA you'll have to figure another way to pay for services or find a doctor who does accept it. Good luck.