If I just lost my job and I have CHAMPVA as a second insurance. I know longer have insurance. Will CHAMPVA become my main insurance? I am only 60 and I will not be able to pay for other insurance.


Jim's Reply:

CHAMPVA is a great primary insurance. That is, it's great when you get the hang of working with the CHAMPVA offices. This is the VA after all and they aren't working with the best computer and telephone systems so it can be frustrating trying to get claims paid at times. Persistence pays...spend some time on the phone and do it until you get an answer.

Go to the doctors you prefer ahead of when you'll need them and ask to speak with the insurance and billing folks. They're always happy to help you and it's easier to get these things done up front. Make sure they accept CHAMPVA (most do, some don't...just as with any insurance) and learn a bit about any copays you may have as well as annual screening services that you can take advantage of for free.

Medicines are usually mailed to you although you can work with a local pharmacist to get any immediate need prescriptions taken care of.

My wife has used CHAMPVA exclusively for many years and we have always thought her insurance was better than my VA health care benefit. Work with them a bit and I think you'll enjoy the insurance.