You have answered questions before regarding CHAMPS VA but your answers are dated (2011) for example. Do you still feel that and is it a fact that CHAMPS is a good plan for my wife 54 and my daughter 23? I am looking into private insurance for at least my wife but it is very expensive. Any new news? I am 100% service related disabled. Thank you.


Jim's Reply:

I'm pretty sure I've published a great deal of info about what I think of CHAMPVA since 2011? If you've been searching for "CHAMPS" you won't find my writings since I don't know what that is. If you'll search this Mailbag feature, you'll discover more recent articles.

In any case, yes...I believe that CHAMPVA is a very good insurance product. My wife has used it for years and we have no complaints.

I'd question whether your daughter is eligible since this is for dependents and at her age, it's unlikely that she's still your dependent.