Camp Pendleton Contamination


Hi Jim, I'm a Marine who was stationed at Camp Pendleton from 93'-97'.Fast forward to 2008 when I was diagnosed with Testicular cancer and then five years later with bladder cancer. Doctors tell me that as a non-smoker, someone not around caustic chemicals and with no family history of cancer this is extremely rare for someone of my age (46), Camp Pendleton has been declared an EPA Superfund site and chemicals/waste may have found its way into the water system. I am aware of the decision in regards to Camp Lejeune. Do you have any information about Camp Pendleton? I was thinking about filing a claim through the VA. I believe my DR. will assist me with a Nexus letter. Do you have any advice as I get started? Any help is appreciated.

Jim's Reply:

I don't have any more data about Pendleton than you do. I'm concerned the son of a career Marine, I spent a lot of my youth on Pendleton and I lived at Tawara Terrace in Lejeune. My mom and dad both passed from various cancers now listed as presumptive so I'm waiting to see what happens. I have doubts about asking your doctor to write a nexus letter for you. Many physicians want to help but without understanding what VA requires as evidence, their nexus letters come up short. I think you have a steep hill to climb and without a professional IMO, I don't believe you'll be awarded a benefit. Learn more here