Camp Lejeune and Parkinson's


Greetings. I am 90% but 100% with TDIU. I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I was at Camp Lejeune in 68’ for more than 30 days. Is it worth my while to file for my Parkinson’s with the VA? Will I damage my current status if I do?


Jim's Reply:

Yes, you should go ahead and file the claim for Parkinson's Disease as associated with contaminated water at Lejeune. 

Since I don't know the specific ratings that brought you to your 100% TDIU I'm not sure of how this might affect current ratings other than to say they won't be reduced. Your ratings could remain as they are or you could experience a change from the TDIU status to a 100% schedular rating. 

Filing the claim now may also help protect you in the future should your physical conditions deteriorate over time with age. The time you'll spend filing this claim will be well spent. Good luck.