C & P Exam


Jim, I appreciate your help and time. I communicated with you on this previously. I’m have a 100% temp rating for inactive prostrate cancer. Watchful waiting. Private sector doctor. 2nd biopsy in March of 22 revealed the exact same. Today I get a letter and it makes me think they want to re-rate me in six months. I HAVE NOT BEEN CURED. Letter: “ Following the cessation of surgical X-ray, antneoplastic, chemotherapy or other therapeutic procedure the rating of 100% shall continue with a mandatory VA examination at the expiration of six months. If there has been no local reoccurrence or metastasis you shall be rated on residuals such as voiding or renal dysfunction, whichever is predominant, Doc & I agree that nothing will be done in regards to chemo, etc at least until there is a change in the cancer. Next biopsy is 3/2024. Then, of course, there’s no name or tel# to discuss. Thanks Again.


Jim's Reply:

You're scheduled for a Compensation & Pension (C & P) exam at 6 months as a matter of routine. You'll be scheduled for C & P exams randomly in the future as long as you choose watchful waiting. If you've had no treatment, your rating won't change.

This makes no sense at all but this is the way things are done at VA and to get yourself upset about it won't help. If you decide you don't want to go, that will end the benefits for the time being. Go to the exam, be polite to the examiner, have lunch and enjoy the day. Good luck sir.