C & P Exam


Jim, I had a QTC examination and have been searching for any information on my exam. I can find nothing. Evidently, the VA does not want our veterans to find out what is in their files. Do you have any knowledge as to how to find OUR medical history within QTC or are we not allowed this information? Without the information, it makes it difficult to reply to the VA without knowledge of what is in our exam reports. That's like going to war with no ammo. The vets' questions and your answers have helped me quite a bit. Thank you.


Jim's Reply:

A Compensation and Pension examination is not entered into your medical record as it is not a health care event. You do not establish a doctor-patient relationship and no treatment, prognosis or therapy is offered. This document is not a part of your medical history, rather it is an administrative tool used to determine a very narrowly focused question or questions about your disability claim. The C & P exam is a part of your electronic VBMS claim that's in process and you do not have a right of access to that.

There is nothing for you to reply to. Until your claim is completed and you have the decision in hand, there is no reason for you to have a copy of the C & P exam. If you were to get a copy and see something you disagreed with and then fired off a letter about it, your claim would stop processing and return to start.

Then you'd be questioned as to whether or not you are withdrawing your claim (a common assumption when the vet interrupts the process) and then eventually you'd be subjected to another C & P exam. You may also be flagged as a problem.

You could easily add a year or more to the time it takes to adjudicate your claim and gain nothing at all or even lose the battle, have your claim closed in error and have to start all over. The fact is that the C & P exam isn't the only factor that weighs in on a decision. The rater will use the information in the report along with your history and the decision will be made using all the information to come to a fair conclusion.

VA disability claims are a process. If you interrupt the process before it completes, you can cause a lot of delays and damage to your claim. Patience is a virtue! Good luck.