C & P Exam?


Jim, I have been 70% TDIU on PTSD alone for 9 years 5 months. In March of 2021, I received letter stating I was totally and permanently disabled due to my service connected disabilities. My commissary letter states no future examinations. I also received a previous letter in March of 2020 stating Basic eligibility to Dependents educational assistance established from Jan 31 2020. Now that being said, I received a text scheduling me for a C&P examination on June 1, which is scheduled for June 10. My rep said she would pull it up and sure enough it was true. She also stated it was for evaluation on my TDIU. Could this be a mistake? Should I contact the RO office or go to the C&P without checking to see if the office made a mistake?


Jim's Reply:

Go to the exam. Don't try to buck the system, take the path of least resistance and go to the exam. It isn't a mistake, the exam is likely to confirm the permanent rating and then you're done with it all. It will be a sort of checkup to be sure your rating is correct.

I'll guess it's happening now because you've reached a 10 year mark of holding the rating. Once you're past that it becomes increasingly difficult for VA to modify your rating.

This is not far from the routine and although not everyone will be examined after a P & T decision but for whatever the reason you've been chosen so just do it. If you were to run into any problems get back to me and we'll introduce you to a veterans law attorney who can help you.

Good luck.