C & P Exam


Currently 100% temp due to cancer. When my mandatory C&P exam to reduce compensation occurs, is 'THIS' the time to bring up the residuals from cancer treatment, or should I file before the C&P exam? At past C&P exams the examiner sits there with a sheet of paper and says, 'This is what I am evaluating today'. C&P Examiner doesn't want to hear anything further. It's never clear to me when to actually bring up all the residuals. Or, should I wait until after the C&P to see if the VA assigns me P&T (I'll be at 80%), due to depression, etc?


Jim's Reply:

The C & P exam is the time for you to make clear any and all residuals of treatments. Be courteous but be firm that you want to express these facts. Don't take all day about it, don't ramble and the examiner will give you their attention. Good luck.