back pains not in medical record


I served in the first Gulf War. I have been diagnosed with PTSD , high blood pressure and back pains. The back pains are not in my medical records because I was a medic in the army and worked with many of the doctors in the army and was given the treatment by them and gave myself treatment.  I told my care provider that I have ringing in my ears herniated disc in my back is my l-5.   I know that my back pains was caused by the army because of the job and other things that I did in the army. My blood pressure and diabetes my because by my PTSD because of the lack of sleep I'm getting and medical journals states the same thing.  My care provider will not help me with this .WHAT CAN I DO?


Jim's Reply:

I'm not sure I understand what you're asking? I'm going to have to assume that you mean your health care provider will not help you with compensation benefits and that you are receiving appropriate health care for your conditions. VA health providers don't help us to file benefits, we have to do that on our own or with the help of a VSO. The next time you're at your VA health facility, look for your county/state service representatives and ask them to help you file claims.