Appeal closed?


Can a RoJ refuse to complete a BVA Remand, the remand was to determine was I service connected for hypertension and a non functional testicle. I completed my appointments and it was in the decision phase and then my read appeal closed.


Jim's Reply:, the regional office is expected to complete the orders they receive in any remand in a timely fashion. In fact, remands from BVA are supposed to be prioritized to the front of the line.

It sounds to me as if you had a remand for an exam to determine service connection for two conditions. You completed exams and those results were delivered to the RO.

The RO seems to have completed the process and your appeal is completed and closed.

You'll be getting a letter soon to tell you the results of your appeal. If you're looking for answers on eBenefits, take anything you see with a grain of salt. The eBenefits function isn't always helpful or even correct. Wait for your letter. Good luck.