Hi Jim, I served in Vietnam in 66-67 with the 101st Airborne, I was awarded a Disability of 30% in 2012 for IHD. In 2015, I suffered two attacks of Ventricular Tachycardia which almost killed me. I had to have an AICD implanted. I want to file claim for Secondary Service Connection to my IHD. Would it be a good approach if I had my Electrophysiolgist write an IMO or Nexus Letter? Thanks.


Jim's Reply:

Yes, you should claim the V-Tach and AICD as secondary to the IHD if your EP doc would write a statement in your record that says, "It is more likely than not the this veteran's V-Tach and the need for an AICD has been precipitated by the IHD." 

If you can get that exact statement in your record, you should be awarded 100% P & T for the AICD.

Good luck.