Agent Orange & Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Residual Benefits


I would like a list of all residuals of Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma and Chemotherapy such as erectile-dysfunction and chemo brain. I lost my 100% disability on Dec. 1st 2017.  I have had appeal after appeal turn such hardships , unemployability etc. etc. I have gone from a 15 year mortgage with five years left to a brand new 30 year mortgage @70 years old . Il have to go to the library 4 or 5 times a week to connect to a computer.

Jim's Reply:

I'm not sure such a definitive and comprehensive list as you ask for exists. The disease and subsequent therapies will affect each veteran differently so each veteran will have a certain set of difficulties in dealing with the disease. If you're being denied what you feel is the correct benefit, you should speak with a veterans law attorney about an appeal.