Agent Orange C & P 'Future Exam'


It’s been over 3 ears since I first got 100% disability for lung cancer, Agent orange presumptive..was in Vietnam. Letter says temporary but still no c&p exam.   I am 76 yrs old and worried I will have to pay back since it’s been over 6 months

Jim's Reply:

VA rates all service connected cancer conditions as temporary, assuming that all will receive treatment and that all will be cured. Once 'cured,' the rate drops to compensate for any residual conditions left behind. Lung cancer is a presumptive condition for the boots on the ground Vietnam veteran and is rated as 100% until surgery and/or radiation therapy (the common procedures used) is completed and then a future exam will be scheduled to determine the continuing rating

I can't explain why you haven't received an exam or a rating other than 100% but I suspect it may be that your age in combination with the status of the disease will keep you at 100% rated although temporary in nature, for the foreseeable future. I can't see any reason you'd have to pay any of it back so relax and focus on your health. Good luck.