What proof do I need for the Ischemic Heart Presumption


I follow all your notes and want to thank you for the advice. I am handling my own claims and have been for several years now. Still have appeals waiting, but recently they located some documents that show proof of Boots. I wonder how they thought I received the Purple Heart without being on land. I was attached to an aircraft carrier hundreds of miles from Vietnam.

My next question is what proof do I need for the Ischemic Heart Presumption. In March, I had to have an AICD implanted because of irregular heart beat and a few episodes of passing out as blood pressure would drop, or heart rate would drop. This time I went into VTAC and had to be converted. Not recommended when you are not sedated or fully conscious. Hurt like hell.

Cardiologist didn't even waver. He said I was a prime candidate for the Defibrillator. Can I use this to add to my AO claim?


Here is how it works for you.

Boots on the ground must be proven. Once proven, you're "presumptive"
for exposure to AO.

The new pesumptives must be in effect. They aren't yet. They may not
go into effect. There are never any guarantees.

Once IHD is listed as a presumptive condition, you file. File before
if you have proof of boots on the ground.

When you file you claim IHD as a condition presumptive to your RVN service.

You tell VA that the severity of your IHD required implant of an AICD.

The AICD device is then rated as secondary to IHD. As such, the AICD
is service connected.

An SC AICD is automatically rated at 100%.

There it is.