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    I understand what you are saying but I didn't read anything in the post about the medical staff having explained what was to happen i.e. blood and urine and I believe the VA produces a Veterans handbook that indicates just that, the veteran will be informed of what is taking place with his or her medical care. I also believe that any patient should have the right to participate or not in any study. Even though a veteran is on pain medication I don't feel this is grounds to keep the patient in the dark. Unfortunately recent revelations have eroded the trust veterans had in the veterans health administration.

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    If you receive a 100% TDIU rating and your condition improves, you would have to improve enough that gainful employment was a pretty sure bet. Even with measurable improvement in a rated condition, it still has to improve enough for you to work. If you were able to find and hold gainful employment, only then would you lose the 100% benefit and revert to 80%.


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    I am currently at an 80% rating for physical issues and mental issues. I was just evaluated by QTC for TDUI so that I can go on 100% benefits. If this happens and my condition improves, do I just go back to work and go back to the 80% rating or how does that work?

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    From Jim: That isn't true. Veterans can't pick and choose the ratings that are most convenient for them. If you return to work (VA calls it "gainful
    employment") your 100% TDIU rating would be lost. You would then be returned to the 90% rating that you had prior to the TDIU determination. The P & T designation on 100% ratings actually has very little meaning. Nothing at VA is ever "permanent". Ratings can and often are changed by VA for cause. You should be very cautious about a return to work unless you're sure you can manage it.

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    From Jim: If you are having a transplant at a VA facility for a related service connected condition, VA will take care of everything. Your message makes me think that you're having the surgery done at a civilian hospital and that you're using your Medicare and CIGNA plans to cover that expense. If you are using a civilian facility, I have doubts that VA will be interested in providing all the medications you'll be needing. You will want to check with your VA PCP prior to surgery to see if he is able to prescribe such medicines for you. I don't have much experience with Medicare paying for such things but I see that you don't mention having Medicare Part D. Parts A & B don't provide prescription coverage, only Part D does that. You should speak with the civilian providers and the CIGNA representative you're using prior to such an operation.